Research reports of National institute of technology, Ube College

PISSN : 0386-4359
NCID : AN00019833


Abstract: In 2022, The National Institute of Technology(KOSEN)education system will celebrate its 60th anniversary. KOSEN education is unique institutions of higher education in the world that train engineers from the age of 15. This paper summarizes the KOSEN education provided by The Journal of the Japan Association for College of Technology. The contents of KOSEN education have changed in response to the needs of society. Currently, courses that incorporate Active Learning Methods are being developed to competencies.
PP. 1 - 6
Abstract: KOSEN-Sports project started as “KOSEN4.0 Initiative” supported by National Institute of Technology (NIT, KOSEN), Japan. The objective of KOSEN-Sports project is to develop new sports, recreations and their equipment. Through developing them, students can acquire not only implementation techniques, but also creativity for novel industrials. KOSEN-Sports project is worked out by the project-based learning and/or graduation research in a curriculum of NIT, Ube college. In this report, we describe the implementation status of KOSEN-Sports project in 2022
PP. 7 - 8
Abstract: This research clarifies the economic ripple effect of contents tourism implemented mainly in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The target content is a group of works created by Hideaki Anno, a video creator from Ube City. The analysis method utilizes an input-output table. As a result, it became clear that this tourism policy has produced an economic effect of approximately 1.3 billion yen. On the other hand, because input-output analysis requires specialized knowledge, there have been few cases of using input-output analysis to verify policies promoted by local governments at the municipal level in Yamaguchi Prefecture. In the future, we will continue to analyze the economic ripple effect, especially for measures taken at the municipal level, and quantitatively verify the measures.
PP. 9 - 15
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to test and share the results of a causal relationship between bookkeeping achievement
and academic ability, learning motivation, external environment, and out-of-class learning among beginning bookkeepers using
Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results of the study showed that bookkeeping achievement was significantly affected
by out-of-class learning, while scholastic ability was less affected than the external environment. One implication shown by the
results is that motivation and action during the learning period are important.
PP. 16 - 21
Abstract: Tense interpretations of qatal forms in narratives and dialogues in Biblical Hebrew are different. The tense of qatal forms is interpreted in many ways. A basic tense of action verbs is preterite in narratives, but in dialogues, on the other hand, a basic tense seems to be present when we interpret qatal forms in the light of English verb system by taking a character's state of mind into consideration. In order to understand tense of a qatal forms better, in this paper, French translations are refered to by comparing two French "past" forms, passé composé and passé simple. Verb systems are different from languages to languages, so if we compare so-called "past tenses" in English and French, they are different from each other and as a result, the translations and tense interpretations can be different.
PP. 22 - 28
Abstract : 対話は名前を呼びかける=呼びかけられることによって始まる。哲学対話においては、その際の名前としてふだんの呼称ではなく各自の「呼ばれたい名前」(Pネーム)を用いることがしばしばあるが、はたしてそのように名前を名乗りなおし、そして呼び合うことにはどのような意味があるのだろうか。本稿ではこのような問いについて考える試論として、第一節でこれまでの実践者や研究者の言説を整理し、Pネームの意義を確認したうえで、第二節で特に学校での実践に焦点を絞り、筆者の経験とともに学校でのPネーム実践について論じていく。そしてそのうえで第三節で哲学対話における名前や呼びかけの問題を考える試論として「誰が言ったのではなく、何を言ったのかがより重要である」という通説について考察を加える。一連の考察を通して、哲学対話においてPネームを用いるという実践は単なるアイスブレイクという「手法」の1つにとどまらず、哲学的な対話を人とともにする際の基本的な態度や理念と通底しているものであること、また哲学対話における名前や呼びかけの問題はこれまであまり論じられてこなかったものの考察に足る重要な論点が複数存在することを明らかにする。
PP. 29 - 38
Abstract. As Nakayama’s lemma, in commutative ring theory, it is well-known that the residue functor of
an ideal contained in the Jacobson radical is conservative. In almost mathematics setting, considering an
almost version of perfect complexes, we prove an almost derived analogue of Nakayama’s lemma, stating
the conservativity of the derived functor of the residue of a tight ideal contained in the Jacobson radical.
PP. 39 - 41
要旨 : 隼人と呼ばれた南九州の人々が律令国家の支配を受け容れた要因について、武力で制圧され服従したとする
PP. 42 - 51
要旨 : 隼人と呼ばれた南九州の人々が律令国家の支配を受け容れた要因について、武力で制圧され服従したとする
PP. 52 - 57