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Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 13 - 20
published_at 2024-03-31
In this paper, I will analyze how transitions of place and location impact the ways in which Anne, the heroine in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion (1818), realized her true self, showed her merit and became empowered to behave in the ways she desired. She was not “nobody” at all although her own family members regarded her as a person whose word had no weight; whose convenience was always to give way. The paper notes how key turning points in the heroine’s life take place not at home but at other locations. The farther that she goes away from home, the more descriptions of her actions appear in the novel. Since most of her family members were not helpful, there was no other way for her to reach her goals except by leaving home and heading elsewhere. This spatial transition can therefore be regarded as an important factor in the heroine’s success. In the conclusion, the following three points are emphasized: (1) Anne had the willpower to go forward until she reached her goal; (2) although she was from baronet family, she got along well with people around her regardless of their social ranks; and (3) her actions and movements would likely continue even after she entered a different social rank to the one that she originally belonged to.
Creators : IKEDA Yoko Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 11:55:17
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 21 - 26
published_at 2024-03-31
The effect of Ga−P co-doping on the electronic structure has been investigated for p-type clathrate thermoelectric semiconductor Ba8Cu6Ge40 by density functional theory (DFT) to study the possibility of carrier control. In Ba8Cu6Ge40, the Fermi energy EF lies in the valence band, and Ba8Cu6Ge40 is a p-type degenerate semiconductor. For Ga−P, Ga2−P, and Ga3−P co-doping, the EF lies in the conduction band, the energy gap, and the valence band, respectively, indicating that the p/n carrier type and carrier concentration change with the Ga/P ratio. In comparison with Ba8Cu6Ge40, the effect of Ga−P co-doping on the energy dispersion relation at the valence band edge is greater than that at the conduction band edge. Therefore, the effect on the effective mass is greater in the valence band than in the conduction band.
Creators : ANNO Hiroaki | HASHIKUNI Katsuaki Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 12:04:17
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 27 - 37
published_at 2024-03-31
The 4th Shokuiku Promotion Basic Plan, which was formulated to solve nutrition-related issues and instill healthy eating habits in people, calls for promoting shokuiku according to life stages and lifestyles. The study investigated the differences in the awareness of shokuiku among parents of children in kindergartens and nursery schools, university students, and workers in Sanyo-Onoda City. The analysis used data obtained from a survey conducted in the city in 2021 by the Sanyo-Onoda City Health Promotion Division (forms distributed: 1,711, forms collected: 1,508, response rate: 88.2%). The analysis shows that parents and people in district organizations involved in promoting shokuiku have a high level of interest in nutrition, but university students and workers have a low level of interest. A Meal Balance Guide was used by people with a high level of interest in nutrition, but was less likely to be used by people with low interest. As for how to disseminate information about nutrition, although a high percentage said they got it from the Internet, those with a high level of interest tend to get their information from newspapers, magazines, and friends. University students tend not to have opportunities to eat together, but students who are highly interested in nutrition are also more interested in places where they can eat together. By creating links such as these, it may become easier for students to contribute to local nutrition-related issues.
Creators : NAKAMURA Hiroshi Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 12:10:12
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 39 - 43
published_at 2024-03-31
Furosemide is one of the most used loop diuretics. While several generic versions of furosemide tablets are available in clinical situation, similarities in dissolution property of these tablets have not been reported. Hence, we compared the differences of dissolution property of furosemide 40 mg tablets between the original and generic A in dissolution and disintegration tests. Simple suspension of the generic A tablets showed a greater particle dispersion than that of the original product. The furosemide dissolution rate of generic A in the dissolution test showed a significant small compared to the original product during from 2 to 4 minutes after the beginning, but it became higher, in turn, at 30 minutes after. In the disintegration test, the generic A tablet had a longer disintegration time of 1-2 minutes than the original product. The generic A tablet contained specific additives of coating agents such as titanium dioxide, Hypromellose, and PEG6000. The presence of insoluble titanium dioxide causes white cloudiness in simple suspension of the generic A tablet. Both Hypromellose and PEG6000 were supposed to increases the dispersibility of furosemide, which could lead to the increased dissolution rate of the generic A tablet. These findings of this study on furosemide tablet are considered to provide helpful information for an alternative use with generic agents.
Creators : TSURUDOME Yuya | FUNAKI Tomoharu | HORIGUCHI Michiko | USHIJIMA Kentaro Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 12:40:16
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 45 - 52
published_at 2024-03-31
It has long been debated whether the process of L2 learning is similar to that of LL Some hypotheses assert that L2 learners as well as Ll speakers have a sort of innate apparatus for language acquisition, like LAD posited by Chomsky in the field of Ll studies. Others suggest that the process ofL2 learning should be divergent depending on the Ll background. This study is intended to explore the differences between Ll and L2 in the acquisition process of English relative clauses. Two experiments were conducted-one with English-speaking children aged 7 (n = 24) and another with Japanese L2 learners of English (n = 35). The Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES) corpus was used to investigate the frequency of relative clauses in the natural utterances of children (Ll English), while forced-choice, fill-in-the-blank questions were designed to measure how accurately Japanese L2 learners acquire the form and function of relative clauses. As a result, there was no difference found between the frequency of object-extracted relative clauses (ORCs) and that of subject-extracted relative clauses (SRCs) in natural utterances of English-speaking children. In contrast, Japanese L2 learners of English were clearly found to have much more difficulty in mastering ORCs than SRCs(p < .01). These findings are taken to indicate that there exists a process ofL2 acquisition, which is different from that of Ll.
Creators : TAJIMA Yayoi Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 13:07:13
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 53 - 58
published_at 2024-03-31
中学校の平面図形の学習では三角形をもとに考え、空間図形の学習では四面体をもとに考える。ところが、小学校の平面図形の学習では正方形をもとに考え、空間図形の学習では立方体をもとに考える。ここで、平面図形のもとになる図形は三角形・正方形のどちらか、空間図形のもとになる図形は四面体・立方体のどちらか、という疑問が生まれる。 そこで、「単純図形とはその次元の図形を形づくるもとになる最も単純な図形で、2次元では三角形、3次元では四面体がそれにあたる」、「計量図形とはその次元の図形の計量をするもとになる図形で、2次元では数量『面積』を測るもとになる『面積1の正方形』、3次元では数量『体積』を測るもとになる『体積lの立方体』がそれにあたる」と定義する。そして、研究仮説を「各次元の図形のもとになる図形は、『単純図形』と『計量図形』の2系列があり、それぞれのしくみを考察する手順を生徒の思考に沿った授業づくりレベルで考えることで、形と計量といった図形概念を育てるための手だてを一般化できる」とする。 本稿では、中学I年の授業「次元を超える一単純図形と計量図形ー」をつくる過程をもとに、授業の流れ「4次元の図形のイメージをつかむ」→「規則を見つける」→「規則が成り立つ理由をつかむ」と、手だて「次元の順に整理する」「比較しやすいように学習プリントを工夫する」の2つをベースに、「『図形』と『特徴』と『名前』に絞り込んで4次元の図形をイメージさせる」→「一度次元を下げてデータを増やす」→「図形の成り立ちを整理する」について述べていく。
Creators : UCHIDA Yozo | TANAKA Toshimitsu Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 16:00:45
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 59 - 65
published_at 2024-03-31
The reflection and transmission characteristics of granular composite materials containing Cu or Ag-coated Cu flake-shaped particles were investigated by measurement in free space and by calculation based on transmission line theory. The negative permittivity spectra, which characterized the permittivity properties of metals, were observed in the Cu and Ag-coated Cu flake composites with particle contents above the percolation threshold Φc. For the Cu and Ag-coated Cu flake composites below Φc. the measured absolute values of the reflection coefficient |Γ| and the transmission coefficient ITI increased and decreased with increasing frequency, respectively. The Ag-coated Cu flake composite aboveりcexhibited metallic reflection and transmission characteristics with |Γ| > 0.9 and ITI < 0.1; these characteristics of the Ag-coated Cu flake composite agreed with the calculated results based on transmission line theory. Meanwhile, the measured values of |Γ| and ITI for the Cu flake composites above Φc tended to deviate from the theoretical values due to changes in electrical conductivity.
Creators : KASAGI Teruhiro | GODA Kazuya | YAMAMOTO Shinichiro Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 16:29:51
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 67 - 75
published_at 2024-03-31
While working at Sanyo-onoda City University, the author researched and invented the microbial fuel cell utilizing inorganic porous materials, which has a power generation capacity ten times greater than conventional ones. This achievement is attracting attention as an innovative technology that has the potential to replace or supplement the current electrical energy dependence on fossil fuels. After retiring from university, the author wanted to put the research results achieved at the former Morita laboratory into practical use in order to make a significant contribution to humanity's energy problems. Then, the author conducted the cooperating company in Tottori Prefecture that manufactures inorganic porous materials to carry out practical tests in a fallow field on the outskirts of Tottori City. From 2022 to 2023, 64 experimental microbial fuel cells were installed at the test site, and outdoor power generation data was obtained across seasons. During this period, we also conducted in the laboratory experiments to improve power generation and made improvements to problems that emerged during operation in natural environments. Furthermore, during this period, the electricity generated was used to light street- lamps and used for illumination during Christmas and cherry blossom viewing seasons, bringing us one step closer to practical application. At present, microbial power generation has not yet reached the point where it can replace commercial electricity, but it is suitable for use in remote areas, remote islands, and developing countries where electricity is not available, and as an emergency power source during disasters such as typhoons and heavy rain that have been occurring frequently in recent years. We believe that this technology can be put to practical use as a suitable power source in the situations described above.
Creators : MORITA Hiroshi Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 16:36:21
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 77 - 84
published_at 2024-03-31
We conducted a questionnaire survey among students belonging to the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Sanyo-Onoda City University between January 2021 and June 2021 regarding the use of learning support classroom. We asked 196 students and 188 (96%) responded. Forty-three students had used the service and 95% of them said that it was effective. Twenty of these students used the service only once, and it appears that they asked friends for advice on assignments and only used the service when there was a problem that they just couldn't answer. The analysis suggests that the students who used the service in this way generally used it as expected. On the other hand, as for the students who had not use the Learning Support Classroom, the majority of them seem to have solved their problems by asking their friends. However, when analyze by grade group, about 50% of the students in the upper half of the grade band answered that they had no problems with their studies, while only about 14% of the students in the lower half of the grade band answered that they had no problems. For these students, even though they did not think they had no problems, they felt that going to tutoring was a hassle or a chore, or that the hours were not convenient. In order to increase the number of users, it may be important to continue to consider the days that the room is open, to make announcements such as the orientation, and to increase opportunities to get to know the assistant professor.
Creators : ITO Masahiro | YAMAMOTO Raiya Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 16:46:04
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 85 - 91
published_at 2024-03-31
山口東京理科大学工学部3学科(機械工学科・電気工学科・応用化学科)の1年生向けに「物理学及び演習」(応用化学科は「物理学II及び演習」)として開講している電磁気学分野の入門的講義において,著者らが2022年度第IV期にそれぞれ担当したクラスの受講生に対し電磁気学についての概念調査(BEMA)のプレテスト及びポストテストを実施した結果に関して報告する。これは, 2019年度に2クラスのみで実施した調査の拡大版に相当する。本調査の問題は全問選択式の出題形式であり,オリジナル[Chabay-Sherwood(1997)]は英語で書かれているが,そのH本語版[土佐幸子訳(2014)]を使用した。ここでは,この調査のプレテスト・ポストテストの採点結果について統計的に処理し, 2019年度の結果との比較や学科依存性,入試形態依存性等の解析をする。さらに, BEMAを多次元項目反応理論で解析した文献[Hansen-Stewart(2021)]に具体的に記載されている2つのモデルを本調査の回答データに適用して解析する。以上の解析結果をまとめて報告し,コメントを述べる。
Creators : KISHIMOTO Isao | KASAGI Teruhiro | KANEDA Kazuhiro | YOSHII Ryosuke Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 16:50:31
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 93 - 96
published_at 2024-03-31
Creators : MIYAMA Tomohiro Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 16:55:07
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 7 pp. 1 - 11
published_at 2023-03-31
The purpose of this study was to gain insight about students’ motivations on vocabulary study between two educational online applications: Quizlet and Quizizz. Quizlet is known as an effective vocabulary study tool as students can study vocabulary whenever and wherever they desire. Quizizz offers a similar feature in which the instructor provides the quiz set as an assignment, and students can learn vocabulary by playing games whenever and wherever they desire. The students were given the Quizlet study set links or the Quizizz assignment links each week to help them learn new vocabulary. We (teachers) used the full paid versions of both types of software, which provide different types of study activities for the students. We used each software tool for a total of six weeks (3 Quizlet, 3 Quizizz, 3 Quizlet, 3 Quizizz) with first year students at universities in Yamaguchi and Yokohama. The data on their motivation was collected using two surveys (pre-semester and post-semester). This is because we were concerned with students’ motivation and willingness to study, not only about the statistical results of vocabulary gains. We also discuss which types of activities when using the software (multiple choice, matching, flashcards) the students preferred. Although there were limited numbers of previous studies addressing multiple-choice vocabulary learning, a few talked about its efficacy. In this paper, after a brief review of the literature, we will present our results.
Creators : Murrell Hudson | Sato Tomoe Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2024-04-04 10:17:46
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 97 - 101
published_at 2023-03-13
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Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 91 - 95
published_at 2023-03-13
 山陽小野田市立山口東京理科大学(本学)は,2021年度に文部科学省「数理・データサイエンス・AI教育プログラム認定制度(リテラシーレベル)」及び「数理・データサイエンス・AI教育プログラム認定制度(リテラシーレベル)プラス」に選定された.また,2023年4月には,工学部に数理情報科学科(仮称)を新設予定であり,データサイエンス教育の充実化を図っている.データサイエンスでは統計や機械学習を用いた分析が必要であり,プログラミングのスキルは必須である.本講義で導入したGoogle Colaboratoryは,Pythonをブラウザから実行できるアプリケーションで,無料で利用可能,環境構築不要,機械学習やディープラーニングの環境の構築が可能,CPU及びGPU環境を利用可能などの多くの利点を有する。現在プログラミングの講義がない応用化学科の学生に対してプログラミングへの抵抗を少しでも和らげ,興味を喚起するために,1コマと少ない回数ではあるが,担当講義である分析化学においてGoogle Colaboratoryによるプログラミングの回を取り入れた.本稿ではGoogle Colaboratoryを使用した図表の作成内容及び講義終了後のアンケート結果について報告する.
Creators : ASANO Hitoshi Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-22 16:00:45
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 79 - 90
published_at 2023-03-13
Creators : MORITA Hiroshi Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-22 15:55:05
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 73 - 77
published_at 2023-03-13
In open string field theory, we performed numerical calculations with the level truncation approximation method in a-gauge for “double brane” and “ghost brane” solutions in addition to the tachyon vacuum solution in the previous work. These solutions were constructed from one of the solutions in the Siegel gauge at the truncated level 0, 2, and 4, respectively, up to truncated level 20, and their gauge invariants were evaluated for various values of a including a=∞, which corresponds to the Landau gauge. Although these are obtained by restricting the space of string fields to the space spanned by the twist-even universal states, some solutions other than the tachyon vacuum and “double brane” solutions exist at the second lowest truncated level. Here, we evaluate gauge invariants for them and study their behavior. Namely, at the truncated level two, starting from all solutions obtained in a=0 or a=∞ gauge, we construct numerical solutions in various a-gauges by varying the values of a gradually and describe their gauge invariants. Our results might become useful for constructing new physically meaningful solutions at the large truncated level limit.
Creators : KISHIMOTO Isao Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 17:01:33
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 67 - 72
published_at 2023-03-13
We evaluated the reflection and transmission characteristics in the microwave region of metal granular composite materials containing flaky Cu particles, flaky Ag-coated Cu particles, and acicular FeCo nanoparticles as anisotropic shape particles. In the flaky Cu particle composite and the flaky Ag-coated Cu particle composite, a significant jump of the ac conductivity σ with the particle content was observed at the percolation threshold φc at 4 and 3 vol.%, respectively; the σ of composites with particle content above φc showed a value above 10-1 S/cm. The 6 vol.% flaky Ag-coated Cu particle composite exhibited metallic reflection and transmission properties. On the other hand, the 6 vol.% flaky Cu particle composite showed a tendency for the transmission coefficient to decrease and the reflection coefficient to increase with increasing frequency. For the acicular FeCo nanoparticle composites, the electrical conductivity was low and the permeability was not affected by eddy currents even in the GHz range. The 49.9 vol.% acicular FeCo nanoparticle composite exhibited the frequency dispersion of permeability by magnetic resonance at several GHz, and the 10 vol.% composite showed slight absorption above 10 GHz.
Creators : KASAGI Teruhiro | GODA Kazuya | YAMAMOTO Shiniciro Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 16:50:54
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 61 - 66
published_at 2023-03-13
Recently, research on solving regional problems through industry-academia-government collaboration has been promoted in Sanyo-Onoda city area. As part of this research, through a proposal from Mr. Nakamura of West Japan Jibie Farm, a study on "Countermeasures against wildlife damage using drones and ICT," was started from April 2020. Thetemporal goal of the research was defined to be "ecological survey of wild boars utilizing ICT", i.e. (1) survey of traces ofwild boar inhabitation by actually exploring the mountain area, (2) the development of remote observation technology of wild boars at Wallows and Beast Roads discovered by reconnaissance, and (3) the development of infrared photography technology during midnight by drone in open areas. The results of research can be summarized as follows. (1) A total of about 17 km was explored in the back mountains of the Kataobata and Imojiya area, two Wallows and one Beast Roads were found, and a remote observation camera was set up. (2) We developed an extremely power-saving system that can monitor the nighttime behavior of wild boars over a wide area in deep mountainous areas where it is difficult to access frequently. The system combines a 2.4GHz wireless terminal (Twelite), an infrared sensor for detecting wild boars, an LPWA wireless network, and a solar cell. (3) A total of 146 night-behavior wild boars were confirmed. It was revealed that wild boars act relatively early from 19:00 to 23:00, and that deers have begun to advance into the Asa area (10 cases). (4) The night photography of wild boar by drone was successful for the first time at 21:00 on March 19, 2021. Since it was assumed that the fallow reed bed in the Kataobata area was a roost of wild boars, we developed an automatic surveillance recipe and patrolled at night.
Creators : YOSHIOKA Ken | NAKAMURA Shinya Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 16:43:56
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 55 - 60
published_at 2023-03-13
1970年代後半からパーソナルコンピュータが普及し始めると、各学校における活用方法についても考えられるようになった。学校へのコンピュータ導入初期には、コンピュータ支援教育(CAI:computer-assisted instruction)の考え方をもとにしたドリル問題や穴埋め、記号選択など生徒の個別指導に対応しようとする試みがなされた。理科教育における活用方法としては、自然現象をモデル化したシミュレーションやアニメーション、理科実験における計測、データ処理等に用いられる事例が見られはじめた。ただ、理科教材用のソフトウェアも十分ではなく、個々の理科教員がプログラムを作成し活用方法を探っている状況であった。 1990年代になり、コンピュータの処理能力の向上やオペレーティングシステム(以下「OS」と表記)の共通化、周辺機器の充実、インターネットへの接続などが進み、理科教育におけるコンピュータの活用方法についても様々な可能性が出てきた。 現在では、児童生徒一人一人がタブレットを持ち、ネットワークを活用したオンライン授業や自然現象の迅速な検索、またネット上の動画による自然現象の確認など、理科教育におけるコンピュータの活用は個別の学習を進めていく上で重要な役割を果たしている。 本稿では、理科教育におけるコンピュータの計測機器としての活用、自然現象のシミュレーションとしての活用の変遷をたどりながら、理科教育の本質を捉えたコンピュータの活用方法はどうあるべきかについて述べる。
Creators : UCHIDA Yozo Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 16:42:56
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 47 - 54
published_at 2023-03-13
Creators : KOSUGI Shinji Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 16:19:49
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 37 - 46
published_at 2023-03-13
Creators : NAKAMURA Hiroshi Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 16:16:38
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 31 - 35
published_at 2023-03-13
In this paper, the heavy atom effect of organobismuth compounds synthesized by the author was discussed based on experimental and theoretical studies. NMR chemical shifts of organobismuth compounds are often influenced by the heavy atom effect derived from bismuth atom. In the case of bismabenzene and bismacyclobutadiene synthesized by the author and co-workers, the NMR signals assigned to be hydrogen and carbon nuclei were observed at unusual low-field region, probably due to the unique heavy atom effect. To get insight into the heavy atom effect of such compounds, I performed theoretical calculations by using Gaussian program package. Based on the comparison of chemical shifts estimated by experimental and theoretical methods, the heavy atom effect of organobismuth compounds was discussed in detail.
Creators : SUZUKI Katsunori Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 15:56:08
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 23 - 30
published_at 2023-03-13
We report on the electronic structure and electronic transport properties of skutterudite CoSb3 based on density functional theory utilizing the nonequilibrium Green’s function method. CoSb3 has a non-parabolic (linear) dispersion relation near the top of the valence band, and the hole effective mass is much smaller than the electron effective mass. This is the reason for the characteristic property that hole mobility is higher than electron mobility. This is completely different from that of ordinary semiconductors. The four-membered ring of Sb, which is one of the features in the crystal structure, is important in relation to the electronic structure and electronic properties. The relation of these crystal structure features to the electron transport properties is discussed. Then, the optimization of thermoelectric properties is discussed based on the chemical potential dependence of thermoelectric properties.
Creators : ANNO Hiroaki | HASHIKUNI Katsuaki Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 15:45:04
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 11 - 22
published_at 2023-03-13
Which is best, Kahoot, Quizizz, or Quizlet live? The question seems straightforward, and it is easy to find opinions on YouTube. However, after researching the published literature on the topic, we experimented using all three for ourselves, then surveyed students about it. We then combined their results with our results from the teacher perspective. We (an experienced teacher in Yamaguchi, and a new teacher in Tokyo) used the different kinds of software mainly as a tool for checking comprehension at the end of units and for vocabulary acquisition. In an attempt to answer the question of which is best, we used each tool for 4 weeks during the first semester with first and second year students at universities in Yamaguchi and Tokyo. We tried to predict what problems we might encounter as well as avoid mistakes mentioned in the literature by previous researchers. Along the way, we noted problems that arose while using them, and at the end of the semester we surveyed the students about their experience with the different kinds of software. In the survey we asked the students about their perceptions of concentration, engagement, enjoyment, learning, motivation, and satisfaction. We will reflect upon how the results or our survey compare with what the previous literature on the topic says, and hope to use the results in our future classes.
Creators : Murrell Hudson | SATO Tomoe Publishers : Sanyo-Onoda City University Updated At : 2023-03-20 15:40:02
Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 6 pp. 1 - 10
published_at 2023-03-13
During the Meiji Restoration, there was a faction of strong willed patriots called Shishi in the Choshu Domain. This was the result of the education which had been done throughout the Edo period. The schools representing that education were the domain school Meirinkan and the private school Shokasonjuku Academy by Shoin Yoshida. In the Choshu Domain, we had some other excellent schools called Gogaku. They were built by the Mori clan and the upper samurai. They were proud of their facilities, many books, excellent teachers and students who were sons of the samurai. But little research has been done on these schools because there are only few sources whereas many researchers have focused on the Meirinkan and the Shokasonjuku. In this study, I focus on the Ikueikan Academy, a Gogaku built and managed by the Masuda clan who reigned Susa (now a part of Hagi city) and were political top leaders in the Choshu Domain. What historical conditions led to it’s foundation and what kind of education was practiced there ? How was the relation between the Ikueikan and the Shokasonjuku, and the exchange of the students ? How did the students of the Ikueikan contribute to the political movements during the Meiji Restoration ?
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