Research reports of National institute of technology, Ube College

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Research reports of National institute of technology, Ube College Volume 68
published_at 2022-03

The impact of internationalization of KOSEN through the international expansion

takekuma Hisao
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It has been about 10 years since the technical college (KOSEN) in Japan started the overseas expansion business aiming at the export and establishment of Japanese-style technical colleges overseas. Starting with cooperation in establishing KOSEN in Mongolia in 2013, the technical college aiming to develop self-disciplined mid-level professional engineers in developing countries in Asia and the world such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. is now being recognized by the world as KOSEN. Such export and/or cooperation to overseas is a trend in recent years, but technical colleges have been making a series of efforts leading to such internationalization even before that. In this paper, we will discuss education, research, and organizational management of how such internationalization efforts and momentum have been fostered and the prospects for development have been created within the KOSEN under the jurisdiction of the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN kikou). I would like to consider the current issues and prospects by taking a bird's-eye view of the efforts for internationalization of the technical college as a comprehensive and comprehensive whole in the relationship structure and its impact on the KOSEN itself. Therefore, in this paper, we focus on the acceptance of international students, the international expansion of education ex. employment and utilization of foreign faculty members, and the internationalization of joint research as such efforts for internationalization. I would like to take it up as an initiative trend and expand its perspective on its cultural, social, and educational aspects to see its impact.