Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University

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Bulletin of Sanyo-Onoda City University Issue 5
published_at 2022-03-31


Is speaking output increased by using the Flipgrid website for homework?
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How can we get Japanese university students to give longer answers in spoken English? Longer answers come from being comfortable with using the target language. In this study, first I review some of the previous literature about increasing speaking output. Then, I will report on my own research. Two sections of the same class were taught by the same teacher for both 1st and 2nd year university students. The target independent variable was use of the Flipgrid website for oral submissions as well as reviewing other submissions. The working hypothesis is that being able to practice and being able to hear other submissions will lead to students giving longer oral responses during speaking tests. The two test groups used the Flipgrid website throughout the semester, and the two control groups did not.'Using Flipgrid'means to upload a submission as well as review at least two others for each of 6 assignments. Beginning and end-of-semester oral exams were given to 4 groups of students. The number of words per response for every student were calculated, and the results are presented in this study. I will reflect upon how the results of my study compare with what the previous literature on the topic says, and hope to use the results in future classes.
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